What is DDS Therapy?

Traditional Medicine’s Perspective:
The meridians of our body determines our body functions. This means that majority of sicknesses could be helped by fixing the meridians of human body to gain good health. DDS therapy is a combination based on Chinese Medicinal Principle, modern Western Reflexology, Bio-Electricity Technology. The DDS Machine (CE Certified) generates a low electrical current into our body to regulate the Meridian back to health.

Benefits of DDS Therapy:

Clearing the Blockages of the Meridians:
DDS Therapy can be controlled. It is the use of Electric current flowing in our body to stimulate the gas from within us, rectify and clear the Meridian passage. Once our Body Meridian is cleared with good blood circulation, nerves maintaining well such that illnesses cannot afford to survive and grow in our healthy body. All illnesses will be gone, our good healthy will stay.

Promote Blood Circulation:
DDS Bio-Electric energy is able to penetrate deep into our body. By doing so , all our blood vessels will expand, a significant improve in blood flow will be observed, a reduction of blood viscosity, improve in micro-circulation, this greatly increase the storage capacity of oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide.

Activate Nerve and Muscle Tissue:
After applying Bio-electric energy to stimulate our nerves and muscles; it could excite and revive dying nervous system. As such, muscle is strengthened repaired and muscle tension removed. Therefore, one would see great improvement in stroke patient, or people suffer from paralysis and muscle atrophy.

Regulating the Digestive System:
It works in helping and regulating our endocrine glans and systems, all the organs that are controlled and regulated by endocrine systems will improve in their functions.

Has Anti-Inflammatory Effect:
DDS Bio-Electric Energy can increase the number of white blood cells, strengthen them and enhance the anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect within our body.

Has Analgesic Effect:
DDS Bio-Electric Energy once penetrated into our nerves, it can relieve all kinds of tension and pain caused by poor nervous system.

Eliminate Fatigue:
During the process of DDS Bio-Electric Energy penetrating into our body, endorphin increases in our body. As such, we could feel the sense of excitement and happiness, thus eliminating body fatigue. The effect is the same as after rigorous exercising but in a comfortable and relax way because we use DDS Bio-Electric Energy to achieve this state of increase in Endorphin in our body is definitely a great pleasure as compared to traditional physical exercise routine.

Purify and Detoxify:
Our blood circulation will increase, metabolism will also increase. This process gets rid of all acidic and harmful substances within us. Our blood becomes alkaline. As a result, triglycerides and cholesterol are removed, cleansing our body and retaining good health.

Emotional Benefits:
Usually after a lightning the earth produces ozone air. Air is also being purified after a thunderstorm. The same applies in our body. DDS Bio-Electric Therapy once applied in our body, our body feels cleansed and it will produce a good source of positive air. Thus, we feel healthy and happy after a DDS Therapy session.

How DDS Therapy Works:
The result of the penetration of DDS Bio-Electric Energy in our body is to stimulate the body meridians, causing excitement to peripheral nerve fibers. The impulse of current spreads to the central nervous system neutrons endorphins, the brain releases endorphins to provide the analgesic effects to relieve our pain. Thus sufferers can feel an instant relief of his/her pain naturally. It also helps in bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect healing us from within. Apart from having a large amount of water in our body, there are many conductive electrolyte and micro electrolytes present as well. Water constitutes to a large portion (about 60-70%) of our body system for all organs to function well. Water, therefore acts as a base to conduct electricity within the body proofs that human body has the capability to conduct current since water is a good conductor of electricity.

The Meridian is the path of our blood channel which transports blood to various parts of the human body. It is also a channel that communicates and exchange energy between our body. It is an important channel to transmit information, via bio-electric pathways within our body system, defending and guarding the body from external harm. With regular application of DDS Bio-Electric Therapy, molecular cells are being re-arranged. This re-arrangement constitutes a change of these molecular cells from inconsistent arrangement to a more organized way of working inside our bodies.

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